Friday, June 8, 2012

Headboard from a bed

Here's our latest project- I saw an bed frame that had been abandoned and had been in my friends garage for the last 5 or 6 years and I just knew I could make a seat for our large flagstone patio. I brought it home and my poor husband just groaned and complained as it sat on our back porch for the last month. I really wanted his help- I can come up with ideas all day long and I can always picture the finished product, but he is the fundamental designer. He can see my construction flaws and can make anything work, if I tell him what I want, so my big projects are always a 2 man team.
He could not see my vision and was really dragging his feet, but I finally just dragged him out on Tuesday and put it together like a puzzle, so he coud see what I wanted. Between the two of us, we designed a system of interlocking wood using dowels, screws and brackets. So far this project has cost us.... Ready.... nothing. The bed was free and the 2 x6 were on a sidewalk covered in concrete from laying a foundation. I have 2 different sanders and have brought it all together- Even my 5 year old has been helping as she loves to feel the holes with wood putty and smooth them out. I will finish sanding, primer and some distressed paint and I am gonna have a winner! My hubby is so much happier with this project that I think he is willing to make some more with me! Yippeeeeee me!

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