Friday, February 8, 2013

Upcycle, upcyle

I love the first of the year. We can look at the old and start fresh. I must have been in that mood, because during January, I was attacking my jean stack making the old new.

I found a great tutorial, through pinterest, for the cutest apron.

I followed her tutorial for the most part, but at the neck, I wanted a button, I wanted it to fit, but not pull on my neck (plus I really hate things tied around my neck, always makes me feel clausterphobic!)

And then I left the bottom with the original hem from the jeans.

My girls all want their own and so now I have a stack of their old jeans awaiting their aprons.

February, a new month, already!

I can't quite believe that February has snuck up on me. January just flew by. I think the entire month was spent with one person after another in our family being sick, but everyone is finally back to 100%, and as the mama, boy am I glad!

I did get several projects done in January. I had been given a very old, handmade table/cabinet. That had definetly seen better days. The doors were falling off, the back was missing. I spent a couple days putting it back together. I added a strip of wood, from our deck in San Antonio to the back that was missing. Totally got rid of one door. Sanded, stripped, primed, painted and added some turquoise knobs that I just love.
I also painted the inside white and added contact paper, for a little pop.

And, of course, I distressed, because that is always my favorite part. I really love this little piece and if fits so nicely next to my bed. I really should sell it, but not sure if I can part with it!.