Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pallet into a ballet bench

I found 4 little legs, from a table that was long gone, at a garage sale for $1 last year. I knew they would be perfect for the little bench I wanted to build at the entry to my living room. I love pallet projects and knew I could use it for the bench. So for the last year the pieces have resided on my back porch.
Now my little dancers and tumblers can come in and have a place to sit to take off their shoes and change into ballet shoes.
It has an added bonus of masking my a/c intake vent.
I added a cute little sparkly heart to the corner. I think the girls will love it. What do you think? Other than my phone take bad pictures!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some days are just good. Take Tuesday. It was joy #4's, 5th birthday. And he is a joy. He loves anything and life makes him happy. Oh, how I wish I could be like that.
It is the little things. He played the wii (his newest love) as soon as he got home from preschool. And boy can he jam to Just Dance 4. After awhile he got tired of that and switched to wii sports. As of yet, he has only bowled, but on this momentous day, he wanted to try all of them. And his, oh so non-techie mom, had to figure out how to attach all the gadgets to learn to box. Well give the kid, two minutes and he has it figured out. Then to his utter joy, his dad got home early from work and they began to 'box' together. 
I was working in the other room and listening with a quiet, joy in my heart as they laughed and slugged their way through the game. I came in to check on them and they are sweating and swinging away. Just a couple minutes passed and joy #2 came home from school, saw the boys playing and asked to join.
For like, ten minutes. The 'boys' were having so much fun and she had to repeatedly ask. Finally, dad says, we should let her play for a minute.
The remote gets handed over and 2 seconds later. I hear her tell them, "that's how a girl does it, thanks" and she gives the remote back.
I come in to see what has just happened and dad and boy are looking, with big eyes at joy #2. She and dad both say " two punches" . Then she says, "that's all it takes when your a girl" with her mischievously, beautiful smile and a little wave, she goes to ride her scooter and play outside. 
Love that girl to pieces. And the two men, but boy just loving that girl today!