Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

This is the only picture I have of decorating our Christmas tree, because I was trying my hand at making a digital photobook and somehow managed to delete all my pictures of my kids hanging ornaments. I feel pretty sick about the whole thing, but hopefully I have learned and next time I 'create' a photobook I will be able to do it without losing my pictures.

The entire month of December was filled with the Christmas spirit. It was truly one of the best Christmas's that I can remember. We had secret santas come different nights and leave treats and presents

It was soooo exciting for K4 that he was a little bit scary! We got sweet notes, treats and so much more. He got a tent and tunnel this night and we set it up in his room and everyone has played with it for the entire month (I had to put it up when company came just before Christmas) but he has already asked for it to be put back up.

K4 is my first kid to go see Santa without running away screaming or in tears, so I want to just celebrate that here.

He is such a fun kid

Steve's birthday was quiet, but the kids love his tradition of giving them gifts on his birthday (he hates gifts, all gifts and almost always returns them!) and so they were pretty excited.

There is Mr. handsome himself. He even insisted he didn't want me to make a cake (he went and bought a cheesecake, just so I didn't have to cook) the kids loved that too!
K4 doesn't even wait for a fork! And he got that blue and black dinosaur and it has gone everywhere with him.

Steve managed to actually coral the kids before church one day and get their pictures (little hams!)

The biggest event we really had, was Dec. 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm, Steve decided the time had come for Mark to baptize him. On Saturday, two of my sisters and their families and my parents drove in and stayed the night, for the start of our grand adventures.