Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

This is the only picture I have of decorating our Christmas tree, because I was trying my hand at making a digital photobook and somehow managed to delete all my pictures of my kids hanging ornaments. I feel pretty sick about the whole thing, but hopefully I have learned and next time I 'create' a photobook I will be able to do it without losing my pictures.

The entire month of December was filled with the Christmas spirit. It was truly one of the best Christmas's that I can remember. We had secret santas come different nights and leave treats and presents

It was soooo exciting for K4 that he was a little bit scary! We got sweet notes, treats and so much more. He got a tent and tunnel this night and we set it up in his room and everyone has played with it for the entire month (I had to put it up when company came just before Christmas) but he has already asked for it to be put back up.

K4 is my first kid to go see Santa without running away screaming or in tears, so I want to just celebrate that here.

He is such a fun kid

Steve's birthday was quiet, but the kids love his tradition of giving them gifts on his birthday (he hates gifts, all gifts and almost always returns them!) and so they were pretty excited.

There is Mr. handsome himself. He even insisted he didn't want me to make a cake (he went and bought a cheesecake, just so I didn't have to cook) the kids loved that too!
K4 doesn't even wait for a fork! And he got that blue and black dinosaur and it has gone everywhere with him.

Steve managed to actually coral the kids before church one day and get their pictures (little hams!)

The biggest event we really had, was Dec. 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm, Steve decided the time had come for Mark to baptize him. On Saturday, two of my sisters and their families and my parents drove in and stayed the night, for the start of our grand adventures.

K2 (our sweet 7 year old) gave the talk on Baptism. She wrote it herself and we were so proud of her. She made multiple copies and cut it out, glued it to scrapbook paper and practiced in the mirror (bless her crafting little heart!). The room was full and it was wonderful to see the many friends and family who came to support us.

My family left early on Sunday, taking K1, k2 and k3. Steve wanted to stay and go to church, so we did. On Monday we traveled to Farmington to be with my 90 year old grandparents. My moms' sisters and their families were there and we ate pizza and opened presents from my grandmother, then everyone carpooled in the snow up to my sisters ranch in Colorado.

4 or my 5 siblings and their families were there, along with my parents. It was a lot of people and amazingly no one got in a big fight, or killed each other. It might have been the fact that all the guys received air soft guns and the war was on for the next 6 days, or it might have been with 27 acres of space, we all had room.

The temperatures were freezing, the fire was bright and the snow was glistening. I have never seen so many Christmas presents in one place, but what a wonderful time we had.

 Lacey organized a great cookie baking/decorating event with the little kids. We all profited and I am sure gained weight!

Ashley wrote a little play for her other family( the in laws) last year and she brought it with her and we put it on. I had made a couple of costumes for the YW in our ward for a skit they put on and had brought them with me, for it.

The kids did such a good job, even if my oldest nephew (who might or might not be my favorite) was the narrator, who might or might not have been sitting by me saying, " what the heck, no one's listening anyway, yadayadayada....blah, blah, blah" every few minutes in his narration....it was a good thing for him, it was so loud, no one but Todd and I heard. And Todd started saying it for him... silly boys...

It was really sweet and I could just kiss all those sweet faces

The kids and all the adults {who aren't deathly allergic to horses} went horseback riding. Carrie was such a good sport, she led the horses around the corral with little ones riding, in a foot and half or more of snow.What a work out!
 Photo: Bobby, Kendall & Andy
The kids also had loads of fun feeding, chickens, pigs and baby Norman (the calf)
 Photo: Baby Norman
  I feel so blessed this Christmas season to have been renewed in spirit and mind by the love and support of my wonderful family. It has given me the renewal I needed to start 2013 off on a good foot! Happy new years, may your family be as blessed as mine

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