Friday, June 8, 2012

maxi dress

I am on a maxi dress kick right now. My girls have tons of t shirts that have stains on the belly or side, but the tops in great condition. I just can't bear to part with things that can be used- Take the red polkadot material above, probably from the late 70"s. I used it to make this maxi dress and have 2 more almost complete. I made cute little rosettes to pin on. The dresses are super light weight and have been a hit for church, since we have had blistering high 90s an 100s for the last few weeks and church is in the afternoon.! Maybe if I actually get the hang of this blogging thing I will put up a tutorial. As it is just getting a pic of the finished product and writing a blip seems to take so much time and I feel like I am using project time to post. Why can't I be superwoman and do it all??? Oh well, time to play with my kiddos.

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