Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Headband from re-cycled shorts

My son had some shorts w/stains on the legs. I was getting ready to throw them out (which I hate to do) because they were so small (18 m) and I couldn't salvage much, when I glanced at the waistband and the idea emerged. I could probably make a pretty good headband out of these. I used my small sewing scissors so that I could get as close to the seem as possible. Starting at the side seam I trimmed the waistband off. Then I trimmed the mock drawstring from the front.
Next, I cut 3 different size squares from the shorts, where there was no stains.

I cut out a butterfly shape. Then I layered the 3 butterflies over the place where I had removed the drawstring.

I decided it needed a little sparkle and added a bead. I sewed it all together with orange thread.

Voila! (That's the fancy french word for "look at this" according to my 5 year old and some Fancy Nancy reading). A new headband (and just in time as we broke 2 this morning). It took about 15 minutes.

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